I recently went home for the first time in five years and participated in the Beds. league once more. My club, which has been struggling for many years now was at home against the mid-Bedfordshire giants Leighton Buzzard A, current champions of Bedfordshire. It was wonderful to see everyone again and be a part of something that I miss so much. My addition to the team, along with Damon D’Cruz meant that an unfancied and outgraded Luton team, pulled off a stunning victory and beat the very best in the league. After the match, our captain Michael Josephs could not stop smiling. There was a sense that when we are all back together again, this is what we can do. I left feeling proud that I had helped us win the match, it was a lovely evening. Kents Luton v Leighton Buzzard A

Home Team: Kents Luton Away Team: Leighton Buzzard A
Board Name Grade Score Score Name Grade
1 Andrew Perkins 183 1 0 Stephen Law 193
2 Damon D’Cruz 159 0 1 Kevin J Williamson 174
3 Michael Joseph 149 0.5 0.5 Andy Tinker 174
4 Mark McCready 147e 0.5 0.5 Peter Hunt 165
5 Samir Vora 137 1 0 Brian J Valentine 169
Date Played: 30/03/2015 3 2
Wonky camera angle.

Wonky camera angle.

The BBC Radio 4 production Across the Board, which is arguably the most thoughtful and interesting example of journalism to grace our beautiful game recently returned with a third season. Dominic Lawson, current head of the ECF brings us six more games with yet another interesting mix of opponents and questions for them. If you have time to play through the games on line, I suggest you do so whilst listening to the show. By doing that you might notice that Dominic’s questions are as strategic as his play and perform their role in helping him across the board adequately. I have linked Series 3 below. If I may say so, the radio is far more suitable as a medium to study chess than TV/YouTube, as it demands that you must set up a board and physically play through the game yourself. This will enhance the experience of the game you are playing through considerably. Note, however, for this particular program the games must be viewed on line as only a selection of moves are offered during conversation. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04njsks/episodes/guide


What to watch?

“Care and quality are internal and external aspects of the same thing. A person who sees quality and feels it as he works is a person who cares. A person who cares about what he sees and does is a person who’s bound to have some characteristic of quality.”

Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry Into Values

In this day and age we are spoilt for choice on what to watch. With so much content on-line and so many products to buy you could happily let the world pass you by if you wanted to.

Having just spent over twenty Euros on yet another glib Chessbase DVD, the best advice I can give is to watch someone who is passionate about presenting chess. With this in mind I recommend the youtube channel Kingcrusher. There are hundreds of games to watch both current and classic. The author is a strong player too and is, in my opinion, a considerably more talented presenter than the next depressed looking Chessbase presenter who’s only doing it to supplement his income, whoever that may be.

A forcing line

I found the position below on a recent Chessbase post. It is from GM Khismatullin v GM Eljanov from round ten of the European Championship.


White plays 44 Kg1!! To which black plays 44…Qxd1+. What an amazing move Kg1 is. The purpose, of course, is to put the queen onto the worst square on the board, leaving black completely helpless to the numerous threats of mate that will come. Being a rook up, it is unsurprising that black thought he has at best a draw, which is not the case.

White has a 13 move forced win. It’s actually not as difficult to find as you might think owing to the poor position of the black king. It’s a pleasant way to spent 20 minutes by tuning up your skills of analysis. Can you find the winning line?

You can play through the whole game here if you cannot.




Fritz & Chesster

The Chessbase package ‘Fritz & Chesster’ is now free for all http://fritzandchesster.chessbase.com/ . Those who have used it can tell you how effective it is. An absolute must for any teacher or parent who wants to teach their pupil/child chess, I haven’t found anything that can come close to it. Just bear in mind that you will still need a board to put the content into practice. As great as the program is, it can’t do all the work for you I’m afraid. If you like the software and plan to use it extensively, it might be better to purchase it anyway to avoid dependency on secure internet connections.



1. Surveillance Chess -arty and quite interesting.

2. Checkmate -great animation about an unusual game of chess.

3. Nar mobile ad -chess in Azerbaijan.

4. Burger King Chess -a talented chicken plays chess.

5. Street Stories, Saravuth Inn – A well-shot story about a chess hustler in Union Square, NY.

6. How chess pieces are made.

7. Village Chess Shop -an old chess store in NY.

8. The Chess Pavilion -chess in Lincoln Park Chicago.

9.Players -nice time lapse.

10. Playing with senses -chess in its rawest form.